15th March

Smooth seas again today but the sun came out so we could see the bergs all castley again and way off to the south I could see a thin white line which was the edge of the ice. I did a tour of the engine room this morning with Evan, the chief engineer and it was fabulous to see all the dials and knobs and valves and pipes. There are two big engines but they only use two when they are breaking ice, the rest of the time one big diesel engine drives a huge shaft that spins down the length of the ship and turns the propellers. I heard by email that the children at Meeniyan Primary School in Victoria (Australia) were interested in the green iceberg so I have added a close-ip picture of another "greenie" for them to enjoy. Tonight some of us had a movie marathon and watched four movies, so now it's 4.00 am and I'd better go to bed, should be at Casey tomorrow, sleep tight.

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21st February

Its about 5.00 pm on my first day at sea. We are 200 nautical miles south-west of Hobart in fairly calm seas. I’m still finding my sea legs but haven’t been sick. The anti-seasick tablets make me very sleepy and I had a delicious sleep last night, feeling snug and safe in my bunk as the ship crashed through the sea.

22nd February

Ít doesn’t really feel as though I’m on my way to Antarctica. It feels more like I am on a floating health farm, fabulous food, great gym, no stresses or worries. It has been foggy all day today with calm seas but even so I am very careful about going on deck. It’s such a big ocean that I can’t help imagining how terrible it would be to fall overboard. I watched shearwaters ( mutton birds ) flying around the ship yesterday.