21st March

Not much to report today other than that I have got bruises EVERYWHERE. I feel as though I've been bucked off a horse. I found out this morning too, that the really big roll was 50 degrees, not 40, so no wonder I was flying around like Astroboy. I got up early and saw the sun rise, a big yellow ball in the east over confused seas. I love that term, it seems like the sea can't work something out. It really means waves coming from all directions. We had a muster at 10.30am, everybody up on the helideck in freezer suits and life jackets and then I worked for the rest of the day in my windowless studio, painting and editing photographs. There were three birthdays today, so three cards to be made, three songs to sing, and three cakes to be eaten. No more ice bergs today, I think our sunbaking one must have nearly been the last.

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21st February

Its about 5.00 pm on my first day at sea. We are 200 nautical miles south-west of Hobart in fairly calm seas. I’m still finding my sea legs but haven’t been sick. The anti-seasick tablets make me very sleepy and I had a delicious sleep last night, feeling snug and safe in my bunk as the ship crashed through the sea.

22nd February

Ít doesn’t really feel as though I’m on my way to Antarctica. It feels more like I am on a floating health farm, fabulous food, great gym, no stresses or worries. It has been foggy all day today with calm seas but even so I am very careful about going on deck. It’s such a big ocean that I can’t help imagining how terrible it would be to fall overboard. I watched shearwaters ( mutton birds ) flying around the ship yesterday.