4th March

This morning I slept in until 10.30am, the sea was so calm and quiet, and when I looked out my porthole it was snowing! It was very foggy all day and I didn’t see one iceberg. My friend Caroline, who is travelling south to assess the state of all the old asbestos buildings, saw a huge black fin. It was probably a killer whale playing on the bow wave of the ship. After lunch I rugged up and went outside and the ship looked very eerie with snow on it’s decks. The seas got rockier this afternoon and sent the poor seasick ones to their cabins. This evening four of us were nearing the end of a very close scrabble game ( the board covered with glad wrap to stop the pieces sliding ) when a huge swell sent the board sliding off the table onto the floor. It was a bit sad for Jamie, who was poised to win.

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21st February

Its about 5.00 pm on my first day at sea. We are 200 nautical miles south-west of Hobart in fairly calm seas. I’m still finding my sea legs but haven’t been sick. The anti-seasick tablets make me very sleepy and I had a delicious sleep last night, feeling snug and safe in my bunk as the ship crashed through the sea.

22nd February

Ít doesn’t really feel as though I’m on my way to Antarctica. It feels more like I am on a floating health farm, fabulous food, great gym, no stresses or worries. It has been foggy all day today with calm seas but even so I am very careful about going on deck. It’s such a big ocean that I can’t help imagining how terrible it would be to fall overboard. I watched shearwaters ( mutton birds ) flying around the ship yesterday.