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The Quicksand Pony

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Alison Lester's classic horseback adventure, set in the rugged yet romantic Australian coastal bush.

'Biddy, I'm sorry, we're going to have to leave her.'

'What?' Biddy struggled out of the quicksand. 'You can't leave her! The tide's coming in. She'll drown!'

But the pony is trapped and Biddy is forced to go on without her. Next day the only signs of Bella are hoofprints in the sand with small footprints and the paw marks of a dog. Who could be so small and be alone on this remote beach?

Biddy's search takes her into wild, secret country where she discovers the truth about a mysterious disappearance that happened many years ago.

Alison Lester's picture books are loved by families all around the world. In this timeless Australian children's classic, she proves herself as a born storyteller.

'Lester's much-loved first novel is now reissued with an unmistakably Lester cover to celebrate her one million sales with Allen & Unwin…A poignant blend of sadness and joy peopled with relatable characters, young, old, and animal, the novel is both a gripping mystery and a sensory evocation of the wild rim of Australia: a memorable experience for readers from eight to 80.'  - Five stars, KATHARINE ENGLAND, SA Weekend
  • Winner Highest Ranked Book, WA Young Readers Book Awards 1999 AU
  • Shortlisted National Children's Award, Festival Awards for Literature 1998 AU
  • Shortlisted Book Data/Australian Booksellers' Association Book of the Year 1998 AU
Age: 10-14 years

Format: Soft Cover

Publisher: Allen & Unwin