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The Snow Pony 15th Anniversary Edition

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The 15th anniversary edition of Alison Lester's The Snow Pony - a tough and tender novel about fourteen-year-old Dusty's faith in a wild horse they said could never be tamed.

An authentic, compelling bush drama classic from Alison Lester, set in the high snow plains of south-eastern Australia.

Only Dusty can ride the wild Snow Pony. And no one but Dusty will trust her. Three years of drought have reduced the Riley's farm to a dirt patch and strained the family to breaking point. A trip to the mountains to muster their cattle promises a fresh start, but sudden violence erupts into the peaceful landscape. Now Dusty and her beautiful brumby are tested as never before.

'Lester tells a gripping yarn, brimming with classic pictures. Dusty emerges as a true mountain girl with a new friend who can match her in courage.' - Australian Book Review

  • Short-listed YABBA Children's Choice Book Awards 2002 AU
  • Short-listed KOALA (Kids Own Australia Literary Awards, NSW) Awards 2002 AU

Age: 10-14 years

Format: Soft Cover

Publisher: Allen & Unwin