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My recent visit Fitzroy Crossing

I was in Fitzroy Crossing in the Kimberley region of Western Australia for the last 10 days of July, working at the Fitzroy Valley District High School with my old friend Chris Aitken. Chris and his music students had written ten lovely songs and we turned five of them into books, with beautiful illustrations by the children. My favourite was The Sun Wakes Up by Kindergarten Class.

Boys dancing at Yakanarra

The Fitzroy Valley Women's Resource Centre sponsored my visit and my friend Maree Evans came too and  made a beautiful mosaic with the ladies there.

Maree with her Yakanarra mosaic

On the weekend we travelled to Yakanarra for their 25th anniversary celebrations. Maree and I worked at Yakanarra in 2012 so it was great to return and see some familiar faces. 
We also took a cruise up Geike Gorge and watched the footy on Sunday afternoon. There were hundreds of people watching and the players were very fast and skilful.

Geike Gorge

Footy at Fitzroy Crossing

Thanks to Chris, Jenny and Kirsten and all the kids and teachers for making us so welcome. It was wonderful to be back in the beautiful Kimberley with the boab trees, sunshine and smiles.

On the way to Fitzroy Crossing

Chris and Jenny's pup, Zoe

Flying over the desert to Broome